Aisle-Safe SD and EC Rubber Runners & Mats

Aisle-Safe SD and EC Can Be Installed Permanently and Used Immediately

Aisle safe Runners and Mats are an ideal solution for
strategic grounding of aisleways, corridors, and work areas.

The only floor runner and matting on the market that has received The ESD Journal Seal of approval for static-control walking surfaces suitable for class-0 device handling. Attractive and durable, this ESD-safe runner is ideal as a static-free bridge between EPAs ( ESD-protected – or safe – areas.) It can be used as runner, floor mat, or even as permanent flooring material.

2 millimeter thickness allows easy rolling of wire shelf carts without a transition. Aisle-Safe’s permanent “static conductive” construction meets any Class 0, DOD 4145.26-M and ANSI/ESD S20.20 requirement. Lay-flat, 2 millimeter thickness allows for easy rolling of chairs and carts without curling.

Meets IBM recommended resistance (ohms) range for data centers and server rooms.

Protects below 10 volts walking body voltage generation (BVG) with ESD footwear.

Key Benefits


Aisle-Safe runners can also be installed over old flooring with our dry conductive adhesive. Ask your Staticworx Tech rep for details on dry adhesives with Aisle-Safe.

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